Holiday Gift Ideas for Dogs

Holiday Gift Ideas for Dogs

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? If not, you’re not alone! We can’t offer much help as far as what to get your friends and family members, but we can give you some great suggestions on what to get your dog. A San Rafael, CA vet lists some great gift options for Fido in this article.


A new bed would make a great gift for your canine buddy. If Fido is a large breed, or is entering his golden years, consider getting him a good, orthopedic bed. The extra support will help him sleep more comfortably.

Gift Basket

Consider getting your pup a gift basket. Fill it with a variety of toys: rope toys, chew toys, puzzle toys, and other fun doggy playthings. Add some yummy treats and chew sticks, and perhaps a new leash or collar. Dole things out one at a time to really get that furry tail wagging.

Automated Ball Launcher

Does your canine pal love to play fetch? Consider getting him an automated ball launcher. Many dogs learn how to reload the device fairly quickly. Your pooch could spend hours amusing himself! A word of caution: tennis balls can be dangerous for some larger dogs, so this isn’t a good choice for big dogs.

Spa Day

Look into pampering your pet with some time at a doggy resort. Many businesses now offer relaxing and therapeutic services for Man’s Best Friend. Fido could enjoy a massage, some time in a pool, or other relaxing services.


Getting ugly sweaters for Christmas is an unofficial tradition. Why not include Fido in the fun by getting him an ugly doggy sweater? If you prefer to keep your gifts more practical, just get your pooch a regular doggy sweater. Avoid putting your canine buddy in anything that is tight or constricting, or has small pieces, like hanging buttons, he may possibly try to eat.

Homemade Treats

Do you like cooking? Why not whip up a batch of holiday treats for your canine pal? There are many recipes online for snacks you can make for Fido and his friends. Be sure to use only healthy, dog-safe ingredients, like peanut butter, meat, yogurt, and wheat germ.

All of us here at your San Rafael, CA animal clinic want to wish you a wonderful holiday season. Please contact us any time we can be of assistance.

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