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Office Manager

One day in 2010, Craig and Dr. Bacon—personal friends through their church—were sitting in Craig’s backyard, discussing work and their professions. Dr. Bacon mentioned his need for a manager, and Craig suggested that he could fit the bill! With 20 years’ worth of experience in Silicon Valley operations management, Craig brings a wealth of knowledge and systems management skills to Central Marin Animal Hospital.

Craig grew up in Washington, D.C. before traveling the country and moving to California. He received his finance degree from San Jose State University by attending night school for 10 years. From there, he entered into the blossoming Silicon Valley computer industry in the 1980s.

Having solid systems in place to best serve the pet owners of the Marin County area is one of Craig’s proudest accomplishments in his work. With no clumsy retrieval of medical history or other necessary data, Craig and the rest of the hospital team can instead focus on making pets and owners feel comfortable. Bringing a lightheartedness to every workday is Craig’s ultimate goal.

Craig and his wife of 22 years are about to be empty-nesters. Craig’s eldest son, a former Sergeant in the U.S. Army, is currently pursuing police work and raising his own two sons. Craig’s second son is a freshman in college and is considering a degree in Architecture or Construction Management. Craig’s youngest son, a senior in high school, will soon head to Colorado for college. When he has spare time, Craig enjoys playing guitar, working on household projects, and spending time with his grandchildren.

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Veterinary Assistant

Wes has always had an intense interest in science and medicine, and he grew up working with dogs. It didn’t take long for him to realize that a career in veterinary medicine was the perfect way to combine his interests in science with his passion for animal care!

Wes grew up in Athens, Georgia. His veterinary career began when he started working at a local boarding facility during college. He moved to the Bay Area to find a job in a veterinary clinic, quickly securing a position at a dog and cat practice in San Francisco. After a few years, Wes decided he wanted to do more work with exotic pets. Central Marin Animal Hospital was the perfect fit, and Wes has served as a Veterinary Assistant here since 2009.

Educating clients on the proper care for exotic pets is Wes’s favorite part of the job. Helping an exotic pet owner to better understand habitat set-up and dietary requirements is an extremely rewarding experience for him. Wes is an avid runner, and has finished several marathons. He’s run the Boston Marathon twice, and has also completed the Chicago Marathon and the San Francisco Marathon! He also likes going to baseball games, especially in his favorite ballpark: Fenway Park in Boston.

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Boarding Assistant

Although she’d always had a soft spot for animals, Kari originally planned on a different career path. After several semesters in college, though, she realized her heart just wasn’t in it. With some encouragement from a friend, Kari decided to sign up for some veterinary classes at a local community college. Within the first week of her new studies, she knew she’d made the perfect decision!

Kari grew up in the Bay Area with her parents and younger brother. After attending the College of Marin, she transferred to Santa Rosa Junior College for veterinary technician training. During her studies, she decided to get a job in the pet care field. Having been a client at Central Marin Animal Hospital for years, she began talking with the Office Manager, Craig, about an open position. Shortly afterwards, she was asked to come in for an interview! She’s served as the clinic’s Boarding Assistant since the fall of 2014.

Helping stressed or anxious pets to feel comfortable is the ultimate reward for Kari. She’s even been known to play soothing music for pets in the boarding area! If she can help a pet feel less stressed the next time they visit the hospital, Kari knows she’s done her part. Kari was recently married. Her son, Anthony, loves drawing and taking care of the family pets. They share their home with two dogs, Mickey and Pluto, as well as several goldfish, snails, and a suckermouth catfish.

Kari is a childhood cancer survivor, and has devoted countless hours over the years to a variety of cancer support and research groups. When she isn’t working or giving her time to charity, Kari enjoys drawing, and has even used her sketching skills to help her study pet anatomy for veterinary classes!

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Although she’d dreamed of becoming a veterinarian as a kid growing up in Sacramento, Ann-lise happened into the veterinary world quite by accident. In early 2014, she was working a part-time job with Christine, the wife of Central Marin Animal Hospital’s Office Manager, Craig. Christine suggested that Ann-lise talk to her husband about full-time work, and shortly after that Ann-lise was hired!

Around the clinic, Ann-lise particularly enjoys putting her creativity to work. She likes decorating the lobby, making fun lobby boards, and crafting photo albums out of patient pictures. More than anything, Ann-lise love talking with all the wonderful clients and meeting their beloved pets. Despite being allergic, Ann-lise owns one lovable cat named Cali. Cali was adopted from a local shelter and prefers to sleep next to Ann-lise’s face.

Outside of work, Ann-lise loves crafting and sewing. She commonly makes stuffed animals, ornaments, and gifts for friends and family—you might even see some of her work in the lobby! Ann-lise also enjoys hiking, going to the coast, and eating good seafood.

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