Dr. Ken Bacon

Dr. Ken Bacon

When he was 12 years old, Dr. Ken Bacon’s favorite aunt was visiting from out of town. While eating dinner at a neighbor’s house, Dr. Bacon’s aunt noticed how much time he was spending with the family pets and commented that he ought to become a veterinarian. That stuck with Dr. Bacon—as he progressed through his education, veterinary medicine became the obvious career choice!

Dr. Bacon grew up in Hendersonville, North Carolina. After attending Duke University, he transferred to North Carolina State University to begin his undergraduate veterinary education. He went on to gain early admission to veterinary college, and was one of the youngest veterinarians to graduate from the school to date. After working for a number of veterinarians in the Bay Area, Dr. Bacon decided to open his own practice to specialize in the under-served pet population of cats, birds, reptiles, small mammals, and exotic creatures in Marin County.

The problem-solving nature of veterinary medicine is Dr. Bacon’s favorite part of his work. Since many pets hide any evidence of illness, it can be difficult to tell when an animal is sick. Through many years of experience, Dr. Bacon has developed skills and intuitions that help him get to the bottom of a pet’s problem quickly.

Dr. Bacon and his wife, Ann Marie, have three children named Kendrick, Annalisa, and Genevieve. The family has four rescued pets: Rosie, an over-protective mutt; Cookie, a timid Border Collie mix; Sierra, a young Doodle mix;and Jerry, an old orange tabby cat who loves cuddling.

At home, Dr. Bacon and his wife love to cook and sample cuisines from all over the world. Dr. Bacon is also a passionate theater bug, and snagged the lead role in many plays during his school years and afterward. His acting talents have even spilled over to television; he’s lent his skills to Animal Planet’s Weird, True, and Freaky and is currently enjoying a run on the National Geographic Channel’s Animals Gone Wild!

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