Climate Controlled Boarding

Does your pet need a home away from home where he or she can enjoy some time while you and your family are away?

Central Marin Animal Hospital offers full service boarding to help take some of the worry out of your next vacation or business trip. Our boarding facility has been designed to cater to all the creature comforts of our guests. That includes climate-controlled temperatures, nutritious food, daily exercise and plenty of TLC from our experienced staff.

Climate controlled boarding means your pet is protected from environmental extremes. That means a much more pleasant stay for your loved one. We also have fluffies, beds, towels, blankets, dishes and water bottles to further enhance the boarding experience. All of our guests enjoy filtered water. Room service delivers meals twice daily, regular maid service keeps facilities clean, and we always have extra toys around for play time enjoyment!

Home away from home also means spending lots of quality time with your pet during his or her stay. If they want us to smooch and massage them, we are on it! If not, we allow them all the private time they wish. It’s all about making your pet feel as safe and comfortable as possible while in our care.

We are happy to accommodate just about any species of small animal you have, from cats to reptiles…even fish and tarantulas! We do not, however, accommodate dogs for boarding. Our facility only caters to the feline and exotic crowd to keep noise and stress to a bare minimum.

For exotic critters needing more diverse diets, such as birds or reptiles, we are even willing to share our own healthy lunches with them. Hidey-huts, UV lighting and external heat sources are also available for species requiring those little extras!

If you need someone to care for your loved one while you’re away, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today to reserve room for your pet during your next vacation.

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