Nutrition & Weight Management

Is your pet’s diet truly bringing out his or her very best?

Imagine going grocery shopping and just grabbing any old product off the shelf without understanding exactly what you’d be eating. This is the sad reality for many pets. The problem is, with such a variety of products and little reliable information on packages, choosing the right food for your pet can be downright confusing. We want to take some of the guess-work out of this important part of your pet’s health care.

Our nutrition and weight management services are in place to help you learn what your companion’s unique needs are and how to best meet those needs. Through an individualized diet and exercise plan, we’ll get that little guy or gal in tip-top shape in no time!

The Right Nutrition

Nutrition is a critical component of your pet’s life. The right diet can prevent many medical problems and can help manage existing ones. Yet because every animal is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our program begins with a detailed analysis of your pet’s individual needs, current health and lifestyle. A lot of factors go into determining what food product would be best. For instance, your pet’s age, breed and weight all play a role. We will evaluate your companion and determine what type of diet would help maximize his or her health and wellbeing.

A Healthy Weight

If your pet is a bit on the plump side, you’re certainly not alone. Companion animal obesity is a growing problem, and it’s something that must be taken seriously. Those extra pounds could be placing your loved one in harm’s way. We can reduce this risk by developing a weight loss strategy that will help your pet slim down and become more fit.

Ongoing Maintenance

As with anything else, the plan we develop for your pet’s nutrition and weight management needs will have to be adaptive. That’s because, as your companion ages, his or her body and lifestyle will change. At certain intervals, such as the transition from adolescence into adulthood, we will evaluate and modify our approach accordingly. This will help to ensure that we continue to accomplish the positive results we’re after.

You want to help your animal friend achieve greatness, and so do we! Give us a call to schedule a nutritional analysis today!

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